Giant Snow Globe Social Media Kiosks

Social Media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas via online communities and networks. Over the last few years, social media has increased with many brands now using social media channels as the main form of advertising and engagement with customers.

For 2014 many of our products now have the ability to upload guest photos to popular social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

Customers can now order a social media kiosk for their event, this kiosk is a purpose built touch screen device that enables your guests to upload photos to their own social media sites to share their experience online with friends and family.

The social media kiosk is the perfect add-on for brands looking to further engage with guests via social media websites. Each photo that is uploaded can be customised with a branded message, hashtag and URL.

After a guest has visited a Giant Snow Globe Attraction they receive a 6×8 high-quality photo housed within a custom frame. The guest’s photos then appear automatically on the social media kiosk where the guests can pick their favourite photo to upload online. Within a few simple clicks using our interactive wizard the guest has uploaded their photo to the social media website of choice ready for Likes, Retweets and Comments from Friends and Family.

Because each photo is branded each time a photo is liked, commented on or retweeted your branding is then exposed to that person’s social media contacts providing an increased exposure of your brand.

Contact us today for further information on our new social media options for 2014.

Social Media Upload Example