Giant Snow Globe Hire Services​

Giant Snow Globe Hire Services

The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is the World’s leading bespoke snow globe manufacturer and giant inflatable snow globe hire/rental company.

We offer a wide range of hire services to assist with your event, from the initial phone call/email message; our staff will help you from start to finish with any questions you may have about the hire of one of our giant snow globe products. 

Based on your event requirements, our staff will recommend the most suitable snow globe or inflatable dome and any additional services or customisations that may assist with promotional activity for your event.

Giant Snow Globes From The Giant Snow Globe Ltd

The Giant Snow Globe is perfect for brand awareness with its many customisable options:

  • Photo Branding
  • Custom Base
  • Custom Backdrop
  • Custom Barriers

The Giant Snow Globe take care of all sides of logistics before and after the event:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Collection

The Giant Snow Globe Ltd can offer a custom design service for bespoke snow globes and inflatable domes such as:

  • Small or large-scale snow globes and domes
  • Inflatable props
  • Solid props
  • Window display globes
  • Static display globes
  • Automobile globes

No Deflating Globes

Our snow globes remain fully inflated when guests enter and exit.

Only True Hollywood Snowfall

Our snow globes come with a truly automated snowfall system, the snow falls from the sky just as in real life! No need to place shredded bags on a fan on the floor here…

Choice Of Colours

Wide range of PVC colours available for bespoke projects.  

No Stages Required

No need to build stages out of wood or metal for your snow globe with our portable inflatable surround; you can be up and running within as little as 15 mins!

No Internal Support Poles Required In Our Globes

We don't need metal poles to keep snow globes from collapsing when guests enter and exit compared to others on the market! Our snow globes are fully inflatable, and they stay fully inflated when the guests enter and exit.


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