We put people into Giant Snow Globes, so why stop there? The natural progression for the team was to build enormous Display Globes that could house cars! We call them Automobile Display Globes others sometimes call them Car Globes, their popularity has been increasing over the past few years, and we have been leading the way in manufacturing these globes for several years. Each is bespoke and built to client requirements, and we have a range of units available via our hiring department.

A few models exist as part of our Automobile Display Globe range:

Automobile Static Display – A vehicle is housed inside a giant globe; the globe can then be themed as part of a marketing display; think massive billboard with a twist! For example, Mini Cars uses a Static Display for advertising their latest Mini model release in Times Square, New York.

Automobile Photo Booth – A vehicle is housed inside a giant globe; the globe has the ability for guests to enter inside this giant globe. Guests can strike a pose next to or sit within the vehicle, and a branded photo is printed onsite for the guest to take away.

Automobile Golden Ticket – A vehicle is housed inside a giant globe; the globe is filled with a mixture of coloured foil/ paper tickets. The guests then enter the globe and search for a winning ticket (can be numbered tickets to claim different prizes or a single golden ticket to win the first prize). Our interactive fans can then be powered on to blow and mix the tickets around the globe, add one of our digital countdown clocks, and we have a giant car cash grabber or crystal maze effect globe, perfect for ‘Win A Car’ campaigns—example; Actimel ‘Win A Mini’ London Kings Cross Station.

Automobile Snow Globe – A vehicle is housed inside a giant globe similar to our Automobile Photo Booth model; however, with the addition of our snowfall module for snowfall effect within the globe just like our Giant Human Snow Globes.

No matter the vehicle size, we can build a globe to house it!

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