Giant Snow Globe Hire from the worlds leading snow globe hire and manufacturing company The Giant Snow Globe Ltd.

Giant Snow Globes are a unique and eye-catching photo booth addition to any winter-themed event. Available in multiple sizes suitable for indoor and outdoor use these giant inflatable human-sized snow globes can comfortably fit multiple people, making them an excellent option for group photos. The transparent sphere walls allow for unobstructed views, creating a stunning backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime.

The internal lighting enhances the overall ambience, giving the illusion of a winter wonderland complete with our true snowfall falling snow module as standard! The LED lights create a warm and cosy atmosphere, making them the perfect spot for guests to capture festive photos during your event.

Whether you’re hosting a winter-themed wedding, corporate event, or just a holiday party, our giant inflatable snow globe photo booths will add a touch of magic to your celebration. Your guests will love posing for photos in the snow and creating lasting memories inside this unique and festive structure.

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