Medieval Themed Giant Rocking Horse

The Medieval Themed Giant Rocking Horse is a one-of-a-kind themed attraction manufactured by a talented team. This bespoke attraction is the perfect attraction for any medieval-themed event. Standing at 15ft high, this giant rocking horse truly is a central event attraction! A full 3D design allows for 360-degree viewing and a unique photo booth opportunity!


The Medieval Themed Giant Rocking Horse is a themed variant of our Giant Victorian Rocking Horse, which to our knowledge, is the biggest rocking horse attraction in the world! This attraction is a fully functional rocking horse that can seat up to 6 guests. Crafted with intricate detail that will envy any carousel horse with its detailed swirls, shimmering paint and chiming bell sash, this giant-themed rocking horse truly is one of a kind!

The rocking motion of this oversized rocking horse guarantees to attract a crowd where ever it goes and provides the perfect photo opportunity standing at over 15ft tall! Guests instantly receive a souvenir photo to share with friends of this one-of-a-kind photo booth experience.

This bespoke-themed photo booth appeals to the child in all of us and is perfect for medieval-themed events looking for added impact. Based on the famous Victorian toy often given as a present at Christmas time, the Medieval Themed Giant Rocking Horse entertains a crowd when in use since it has a 360-degree viewing area and is perfect as a central piece attraction at your next event.

This unit design can also be purchased and customised to your bespoke requirements, such as styles and colours.