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The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is based in South East London and created the First Giant Inflatable Snow Globe. Our snow globes are fully inflated using our registered design structure, as a result, The Giant Snow Globe does not require stages, platforms or support poles to function correctly.

We cater for all types of events from single day hire to long term hire and can supply a number of different sized snow globes. A leading corporate hire company, we travel throughout the UK and are able to provide equipment worldwide with fully trained staff.

All our units are fully insured and comply with all required health and safety requirements:

  • Our inflatable snow globes comply to BS EN 14960:2006
  • Where possible we comply with the PIPA guidelines
  • Our inflatable snow globes are tested annually by RPII & PIPA registered inspectors
  • Our snow globes are fully insured with 10 million public liability insurance
  • Our display snow/snowflakes comply to DIN EN 13501-1 & BS 4790:1987
  • All electrical equipment is PAT tested annually
  • Method statements supplied
  • Risk assessments supplied

Become Part Of The Scene
Step Inside The Giant Snow Globe and become part of the Winter Wonderland scene with your friends or family. Each group of guests who visit the Inflatable Snow Globe comes complete with a 6×8 high-resolution photograph.

All our units on hire come complete with high-resolution DLSR’s and onsite photo printing equipment which can print high-resolution photos in under 60 seconds. Optional custom printed photo frames are available for long-term installations or our photo branding service offers a more cost-effective option for branding.

True Snowfall
The Giant Snow Globe is the only Inflatable Snow Globe that comes complete with a true snowfall effect. Why throw a handful? When you can have a roomful! Our snow globes come supplied with a snowfall module to recreate a lifelike snowfall effect inside the snow globe!

No need for customers to pick up a handful to throw around like some other snow globes around…

If you have a general inquiry please contact us. If you would like details for equipment hire please provide us with your event requirements and a member of staff will be happy to provide a FREE QUOTE.

You can also call us on:

+44 (0) 844 357 3757

We are open seven days a week should you not have access to email.

Snow Globe Imitations
We are aware some firms on Alibaba are using photos of our products in an attempt to pass off our products as being manufactured in China by them. The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is a UK based company and all our products are manufactured in the UK. We are working with Alibaba to have these photos removed as soon as they are discovered so that the public is not misled into thinking they are purchasing one of our far superior units.

We are also aware some of our competitors linking and promoting news stories of our client’s snow globes in the intent to mislead members of the public. These competitors posting these stories try to imply they manufactured the featured snow globes do not be fooled! We have been working with the social media channels to remove these misleading posts and have already successfully removed a number of posts that linked to our giant snow globe that was a worldwide viral success for Lego. It’s ironic that our less than competitors try so hard to slam our company and products to people on the phone/ over email and yet they are more than happy to publish images of our products as if their own (nice attempt guys)…

We guess the old saying of “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” works rather well here!

Our Snow Globes are a registered design (European Design Registration: 001764531-0001) any operators within the European Union importing, selling or using products that are in breach of our design registration will be contacted via our legal team to enforce our legal entitlements.

The Giant Snow Globe Logo and the Slogan “Step Inside” are registered trademarks of The Giant Snow Globe Ltd.

The Giant Snow Globe featured on the dragons den is not our product, our snow globes do not require stages or support poles to function!

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