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Our Giant Snow Globes Do not deflate when guests enter!Are made in the UKCome with 3 years warranty!Are fully inflatable (no need for metal supports)Feature true snowfall just like real snow!Can have branded backdrops and basesAre fully portableCan be installed by one personSold around the world!

The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is the World's leading bespoke snow globe manufacturer and the UK's leading giant inflatable snow globe hire/ rental company.
If you require a giant inflatable globe or bespoke themed props, then we are the company to bring the concepts to life!

Our Work

What is a Giant Snow Globe?

The Giant Snow Globe is a unique attraction available for hire during the Christmas season and already proving to be a big hit with our existing customers who are planning for Christmas, Seasonal, and Winter Wonderland themed events/attractions.

The Giant Snow Globe is one of a kind attraction and sure to get people talking about your event due to its uniqueness of bringing people together during the Christmas period. The concept has been designed on miniature snow globes that many people often had fun shaking around to create the perfect snowfall around the objects inside.

Well, now we have created a giant version that not only recreates the snowfall but allows you to be part of the scene! Guests enter the Snow Globe via the inflatable entrance.

Within our unique giant see-through dome, the snow begins to fall, and the guests become part of the scene. As part of the attraction, our staff will take a 6×8 photo housed within a custom frame of the guest’s experience inside the globe and then print via our onsite printing equipment so they can take home a piece of the experience.

Snow Globe Hire provides an ideal method for corporate businesses to pass on their Christmas/Holiday messages with custom snow globe branding and photo branding available on all inflatable snow globes.

The Giant Snow Globe Logo and Slogan Step Inside are Registered Trademarks of The Giant Snow Globe Ltd.

Giant Snow Globe Features

No Deflating Globes

Our snow globes remain fully inflated when guests enter and exit; you won’t find any collapsing snow globes here!

Only True Hollywood Snowfall

Our snow globes come with a truly automated snowfall system, the snow falls from the sky just as in real life!

No need to place shredded bags on a fan on the floor here…

No Internal Support Poles Required In Our Globes

We don’t need metal poles to keep snow globes from collapsing when guests enter and exit compared to others on the market!

Our snow globes are fully inflatable, and they stay fully inflated when the guests enter and exit.

Looking For Brand Awareness

Our snow globes feature interchangeable backdrops and base banners as standard. You can change your snow globe theme for Valentines, Easter, Halloween or Corporate Branding/ logos etc..

We can supply the backdrops, or you can have them printed locally with our templates.

No Stages Required

No need to build stages out of wood or metal here for your snow globe with our portable surround, you can be up and running within as little as 15 mins!

No Steps Required

You don’t need to climb any steps when entering our snow globes just walk right in!

Did you know we were the first snow globe company to provide wheelchair-friendly doors to all of our globes as standard!

3 Year Product Warranty Standard

All our globes come with a 3-year warranty as standard for peace of mind and full after-sales support!

Who else provides that level of guarantee?

Registered Product Designs

Our products are protected with registered product designs and comply with all health and safety standards.

Guest safety is paramount for us, and we provide full risk and method statements.

Snow Globe Images

Giant Bubble Video

Giant Bubble built for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway for ITV

UK's Leading Snow Globe Hire Company

We have a dedicated hire department team with 35+ years of experience in corporate event management and logistic support. Our friendly and reliable operations team based in our South East Kent Office are available by email or phone to discuss your event requirements. From off-the-shelf themed prop hire, snow globe roadshow tours or bespoke events, our operations team will ensure your event runs to schedule and budget!

Do you have a bespoke business requirement? Need to keep ideas under wraps from business competitors? We are more than happy to work with you under a non-disclosure agreement during the discovery, manufacture and pre-event stages. 85% of our client projects exist under non-disclosure, so we are great at keeping upcoming projects a secret!

Safety Management

10 Million Public Liability Insurance

Equipment hired from The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is insured with 10 Million Public Liability Insurance.

Risk Assessment Supplied

Equipment hired from The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is supplied with Risk Assessment Documentation.

Method Statements Supplied

Equipment hired from The Giant Snow Globe Ltd is supplied with Method Statement Documentation.

Industry Standards

The Giant Snow Globe complies to the applicable parts of BS EN 14960.

Event Video

Walk Through Lego Snow Globe
Covent Garden

UK's Leading Inflatable Snow Globe Manufacturer

Looking to purchase an Inflatable Snow Globe for your venue? Perhaps you require a Custom Branded Snow Globe? or are you looking to purchase a snow globe to extend your winter product line for existing corporate hire business? No matter what the reason, The Giant Snow Globe Ltd can assist. Having created the first fully inflatable snow globe over 12 years ago, we have designed and built a wide range of Snow Globes for a wide and diverse client base in the UK, Europe, America and the Middle East but don’t just read our sales pitch, have a read over our news articles to see why the likes of Disney, Moet & Chandon Champagne, Douglas, Lush Cosmetics, William Hill, Mizuho, The Grown Estate, Lego, Burberry, Danone, MiniCoca-Cola, Microsoft, EasyJet, Gucci, Jack Pot For Joy, Westfield, BBC, ITV to name a few choose to work with us!

With a true snowfall, our inflatable snow globes are the leading products on the market; with no need for support poles or stages and manufactured to the highest standard in the UK your next investment is a wise choice with The Giant Snow Globe Ltd. You have seen the rest now buy from the best! With over 25 years of experience in inflatable design and manufacturing, our snow globes are often copied; in fact, our products are so good that many other manufacturers use our product images for marketing their less viable products…

The original inflatable snow globe complete with snowfall, is only available from The Giant Snow Globe Ltd and is covered by European Design Registration 001764531-0001. If you are unsure if the product you want to purchase is an Original Giant Snow Globe product, please contact us, and our staff will be happy to advise.

We Have A Number Of Inflatable Globe Models

Guest Interaction

Used as static and interactive displays, giant inflatable globes are perfect for creating interactive guest exhibits.

With many globe designs and a multitude of uses, if you can imagine it, we can build it!

Automobile Displays

We put people into giant snow globes, so why stop there? The natural progression for the team was to build giant globes that can house cars! 

Used around the world for car manufacturer's new model releases (Mini – Times Square, New York) or as part of ‘win a car’ (Danone – Kings Cross Station), no matter the size of the vehicle, we can build a globe to house it, complete with snowfall or confetti interactions!

DIY (base model)

Are you a photographer and looking to operate your own giant snow globe? 

Our base model DIY globes are the perfect starting point for your next business adventure.

We can manufacture any style and size globe to your requirements.

Photo Booths

Think outside the ‘booth’ and use a giant snow globe to capture lasting memories of guests interacting within a snowfall environment and themed prop display and take your photo booth offering to the next level!

Video Booths

Just like our photo booth and green screen globes our video booths work in the same way but can record video, 360 videos and matrix/ bullet style time captures.

Display Globe

Need to catch people's attention?

A display globe is your answer! It can be used as a static product window display or enabled to be fully interactive with ‘press the button for action’ style campaigns.

Available from 1M in size up to well, how big do you need?

Bespoke Globes

Our team are ready and waiting for your next product display challenge!

We have housed people, cars and heavy plant equipment inside giant globes.

We have created bespoke sofa display globes with floating feathers (G Plan Upholstery – NEC Furniture Show 2016) and ice chilled globes (Moet & Chandon Champagne 2016).

Cash Grabbers

Looking for a ‘golden ticket’ or ‘lucky dip’ type of globe?

Our bespoke cash grabbers are leading the way for a fully interactive attraction.

Used for high-profile ‘prize giveaways’ (Santander 123 account launch – London Bridge) or ‘win a free bet‘ (William Hill – Cheltenham Race Day & Doncaster Race Day), cash grabbers enable visitors a truly fun and challenging attraction.

Green Screen Booths

Think outside the ‘booth’ and use a giant snow globe with integrated green screen technology to capture lasting memories of guests interacting within a unique globe environment.

Transport guests to famous worldwide locations or key them in front of red carpet walkways true VIP experience all inside a giant greenscreen globe.

Bespoke Snow Globe Images

Automobile Snow Globe Video

Actimel MINI Snow Globe Activation at London King’s Cross Station

Easter Themed Attractions

Looking for a bespoke Easter-themed attraction? Contact us today and discuss your requirements with our team or why not hire one of our fabulous themed photo opportunity sets? Meet The Easter Bunny, Time For Tea or Spring Garden is a small example of our unique bespoke Easter/Spring-themed attractions exclusively available from The Giant Snow Globe Ltd.

Looking for Giant Eggs? We have a range of different-sized eggs for use in Easter/ Summer events or perhaps you are building a Dinosaur exhibition? How about Humpty Dumpty from the famous nursery rhyme? Well, our Giant Eggs will be the ideal match for your display!

Easter Attractions

Meet The Easter Bunny

Set within a Spring themed English garden complete with giant storybooks, giant flowers, giant Easter basket and giant egg Meet The Easter Bunny is an ideal family attraction.

Giant Flowers

Are you hosting an easter or summer event? Perhaps you are building a garden scene?

Well, our Giant Flowers will be the ideal match for your display! These handmade flowers really do stand out from the crowd.

We have a selection of sizes and designs standing between four & eighteen feet high the giant flowers are quickly becoming this summer's must-have accessory.

Time For Tea

Time For Tea features a giant themed teapot, cupcakes, cups and saucers. Each giant-themed prop is finished with outstanding flower arrangements for the perfect photo opportunity!

Our Time For Tea prop set won a top award at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 2015.

Giant Eggs

Are you hosting an Easter or Summer garden event? Perhaps you are building a Dinosaur exhibition or maybe Humpty Dumpty from the famous nursery rhyme?

Well, our Giant Eggs will be the ideal match for your display! 

These fibreglass eggs are sculptured by our design team and then finished are per your requirements. We have spent several months perfecting the shape and sizes of these amazing eggs.

Easter Attraction Images

Easter Bunny Video

Euro Tunnel Meet The Easter Bunny
Easter Themed Display Set

Winter Themed Attractions

We offer a number of unique winter-themed attractions. If you are looking for something that can create that “wow”factor then The Giant Victorian Rocking Horse, The Giant Rocking Reindeer, The Giant Polar Bear and The Giant Santa Sleigh are a small example of unique bespoke winter themed attractions exclusively available for hire from The Giant Snow Globe Ltd.

Winter Attractions

The Giant Victorian Rocking Horse

Standing in at 15+ feet (5 metres) high our Giant Victorian Rocking Horse truly does stand out in the crowd! Guests young and old take a seat and then work together to rock this Giant Rocking Horse back and forth!

The Giant Santa Sleigh

The Giant Santa Sleigh is the ideal prop for Santa Grottos or as a Christmas-themed photo booth. An oversized Santa Sleigh created with amazing craftsmanship as any sleigh should, and of course, with the oversized present bay, this one-of-a-kind Christmas prop is ideal for use as a central grotto!

Ice Throne Chair

Winter is coming and the Ice Throne Chair is the ideal prop for Santa Grottos, Christmas or Winter Wonderland-themed events. As an oversized sofa, the Ice Throne Chair is perfect for selfie photo opportunities with friends or perhaps add one of the following characters; Santa, Ice Queens or Jack Frost. A brand new concept exclusive to The Giant Snow Globe Ltd which is available for hire and purchase!

Mini Toboggan Slide

The Inflatable Toboggan Slide was created by us a number of years ago, and its concept has since been sold around the world! Now we have created a mini version of this fantastic toboggan slide for use indoors!  Exclusive to The Giant Snow Globe Ltd, which is available for hire and purchase!

The Giant Polar Bear

Our giant polar bear is the ideal selfie moment for guests! Standing at 9+ feet tall (3 metres), the polar bear causes a standstill where ever it goes! Ideal for standalone event awareness or as the perfect add-on for your next winter wonderland-themed event!

The Giant Rocking Reindeer

Just like its sibling, this Giant Rocking Reindeer stands in at 15+ feet high (5 metres) and truly does stand out in the crowd! Guests young and old take a seat and then work together to rock this Giant Reindeer back and forth!

Penguin Floating Balls

The Penguin Floating Balls takes a winter-themed twist on the old-school favourite side stall game the coconut shy! A brand new concept exclusive to The Giant Snow Globe Ltd which is available for hire and purchase!

Giant Christmas Bear

Our Giant Christmas Bears are the ideal props for selfie photos. New for this year we have The Giant Christmas Bear standing in at 7ft tall, featuring internal LED lights this giant bear is now ideal for evening photos with guests.

Winter Themed Images

Giant Reindeer Video

Euro Tunnel Meet The Easter Bunny
Easter Themed Display Set

Visit the products page to view our full range of themed attractions.

Our World Wide Customers

Our worldwide client list is rather impressive for a UK family-based company! Our customers develop into long-term relationships with many repeat bookings year after year.  A great testament to the unique themed products and services we offer here at The Giant Snow Globe Ltd.

Could you be our next client to join our client hall of fame?


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