Cash Grabbers

Interactive Cash Grabbers are sometimes known as Crystal Maze Globes, they allow guests to collect floating coloured foil/ paper tickets. Guests usually have a time limit to collect as many tickets as possible within the time allowed, then either based on numbered tickets allocated to a prize list or the overall number of tickets collected the guest receives a prize.

Cash Grabbers are fully interactive not only for the player inside but for the crowd watching from outside as they shout and cheer on their associates inside, its a lot harder than it looks to collect these floating tickets!

Our interactive Cash Grabbers are bespoke built to client requirements, and we have a range of units available via our hire department.

A few models exist as part of our Cash Grabber range:

Inflatable Cash Grabber – Our inflatable cash grabbers are perfect for small activations due to the small footprint they require to operate and are ideal for corporate office events, trade stand events, charity events.

Branded Inflatable Cash Grabbers – Our branded inflatable cash grabbers are perfect for the larger venues who have slightly more room for activations. Ideal for shopping malls and as part of a central activation.

Crystal Dome – Our Crystal Dome will be our premium cash grabber, currently under production and will be available late 2017.

  • Branded Inflatable Cash Grabbers

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  • Cashnado Inflatable Cash Grabber

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  • Inflatable Cash Grabber

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