Branded Inflatable Cash Grabbers

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    Our large branded inflatable cash grabbers are perfect for the larger venues who have slightly more room for activations. Ideal for shopping malls and as part of a central activation requiring brand awareness.


    Branded Inflatable Cash Grabbers are fully interactive not only for the player inside but for the crowd watching from outside as they shout and cheer on their associates inside, its a lot harder than it looks to collect these floating tickets! An Interactive game our Cash Grabbers enable guests to collect floating coloured foil/ paper tickets. Depending on game configuration guests either collect as many tickets as possible, collect tickets with a number then match an item from the prize list or grab the golden ticket to claim first prize.

    Our Cash Grabbers come with digital countdown clocks so that you can set a time limit of play, for example, 30secs to find the golden ticket!

    Recent example;

    Santander run a promotional launch activation as part of banks new 123 World account offering, guests were then invited to collect tickets within one of our Branded Inflatable Cash Grabbers to then exchange for a number of prizes.

    GoCompare run a promotional roadshow visiting a number of shopping malls, guests were then invited to collect tickets within one of our Large Branded Cash Grabbers to then exchange for mall store vouchers.




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