Giant Flowers

Are you hosting an Easter or Summer event? Perhaps you are building a garden scene? Well, our Giant Flowers will be the ideal for your display!

We have manufactured truly giant and realistic versions of:

  • Tiger Lilies
  • Open Tulips
  • Close Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Giant Poinsettias (coming soon)

These handmade flowers really do stand out from the crowd, standing between eleven & eighteen feet high the giant flowers are quickly becoming this summers must-have accessory. Our design team have spent a number of months studying the shapes, colours and natural designs of these amazing flowers in real life and the efforts the team went through can truly be seen on the finished items.

Each flower comes with a heavy base, removable blossom, stem, leaves, stamen and blossom receptacle.

We have a number of popular colours in-stock and we are able to offer other colours for bespoke projects. Additional accessories are available such as unopened tiger lily buds, extra leaves for decoration, custom sizes.

  • Giant Fabric Flowers

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