The Music Globe

The Music Globe

The Music Globe

The Music Globe was manufactured by The Giant Snow Globe Ltd For Simon Greenhill Entertainment, featuring Lauren Charlotte Violin. The Music Globe concept was to take one of our Giant Globes and bring the size down for a single person to perform within. The globe needed to be lightweight for easy transport and for a single person operation for completing the install and dismantle when at the venue. The Music Globe would require a platform to provide an increased visual height for the performer inside. 

The Music Globe small footprint enables use in all types of locations from hotel functions, corporate dinners, weddings and villa/pool parties. The Music Globe is fully self-contained enabling the globe to be centre stage at any venue without the worry of fans or accessories being in the way. The base of the globe contains all the inflation equipment, LED lighting for the visual effect of lighting up the globe and also acts as a raised platform for the performer so that guests can see a full 360-degree view of the performance.

The Music Globe is available for hire, please contact us for a quote and if you would like to purchase a Music Globe please request a quote with your personal requirements.

The following video was recorded by Simon Greenhill Entertainment, featuring Lauren Charlotte Violin

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